Bernice's Sanity Hearing Edit

Aired on: Mon Nov 13 1989 Edit

The Sugarbaker women testify for Bernice when her niece Phyllis attempts to have her declared legally incompetent because she sings Bobbie Gentry songs to strangers on the street and introduces Anthony as her... Read More


Dixie Carter, Delta Burke, Annie Potts, Alice Ghostley, Brian Lando, Douglas Barr, Jan Hooks, Jean Smart, Judith Ivey, Julia Duffy, Meshach Taylor, Michael Goldfinger, Priscilla Weems, Richard Gilliland, Sheryl... Read More

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Christopher Thornton
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Designing Women

“This is the south and we are proud of our crazy people, we don't hide them in the attic, we bring 'em right down to the living room and show them off. You see Phylis, in the south, no one asks if you have crazy people in your family, they just ask whic...”

Amanda Welch Langone
Designing Women

“I miss this show.”

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