Aired on: Mon Mar 21 2011 Edit

Barney meets his father and is shocked by the differences in their lives. The rest of the gang learn their "gaps"; knowledge they should have by now, but don't. Edit


Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan

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Samantha Vlassis
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Amal Aldrees
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Michelle Villegas
about 1 monthReply
daniel valencia
How I Met Your Mother

“Legend....wait for it...daddy.LEGENDADDY”

Luca Lovescher
Simone Frigerio
How I Met Your Mother

“via xbmc”

Daniela Flacco
Morgana Uallander
How I Met Your Mother

“No vi prego. Il padre di Barney è il serial killer Trinity di Dexter? No vi prego, non fatemi questo, non potete farmelo. Mostri. Crossover impossibili che per me sono fattibilissimi. ”

Simone Frigerio
Simone Frigerio replied on Morgana Uallander's link
about 1 month

QUELL'uomo è un mostro in tutti i sensi... godo!

Felipe Lucas
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