The People vs. George Lucas Edit

Released on: Mon Mar 14 2011 Edit

Uses a courtroom debate approach to explore the issues of filmmaking and fanaticism around one of the industry's most famous franchises and its creator. The innovative film combines filmmaker and celebrity... Read More


John Barger, Neil Gaiman, Bill Plymptone, George Lucas, Art Douglas, Matt Cohen, Chris Gore Edit

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Vitaliano Massimiliano Iovine
The People vs. George Lucas

“watched on XBMC with gomiso addon”

Sergio y Antonio Lorca-Foncubierta
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Jacob Gall
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Eliana Rodríguez
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Luis Moreno
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3 monthsReply
The People vs. George Lucas

“Cattivissimo, evviva!”

Enrico Oricco
3 monthsReply
Chiara M.
3 monthsReply
The People vs. George Lucas

“Il processo a Lucas da chi ha amato la prima trilogia di "Guerre Stellari" e si è poi sentito tradito dalla trilogia dei prequel.”

Vinicius Castro
6 monthsReply
The People vs. George Lucas

“Ótimo! Não tem como não me identificar com esse exército de nerds traídos por George Lucas... porra, eu tenho uma tatuagem star wars e sei que Hans atirou primeiro”

Jowie Namasaya
6 monthsReply
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Halief Ardiasyah
12 monthsReply
The People vs. George Lucas

“George Lucas raped my childhood!”

Zach Wells
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