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William applies to have his father’s title of Earl transferred to him, and discovers a mysterious knight is also a rival for the Earldom. King Stephen, frightened by Jack’s appearance, orders an assassin to kill... Read More


Matthew MacFadyen, Ian McShane, Donald Sutherland, Rufus Sewell, Tony Curran, Alison Pill, Natalia Woerner, Gordon Pinsent, Eddie Redmayne, Hayley Atwell, Sarah Parish

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The Pillars of the Earth

“Remigius!!!!!!!!!! Everything is your fault!!!”

The Pillars of the Earth

“Remigius this was all your fault!
Jack finally found the courage to kiss Aliena *___*
poor Prior Philip!”

The Pillars of the Earth

“Matthew Macfadyen in camicia da notte. Come volete uccidere un Matthew Macfadyen in camicia da notte? Non siete altro che mostri insensibili. No io non ce la posso fare ad andare avanti così però. ”

Lynn Van Bosbeke
Viktor Ákos
Toni Gil
The Pillars of the Earth

“La dejo, no me gusta que cambien tanto la novel·la”

Toni Gil
The Pillars of the Earth

“Veremos otro, pero...”

Cristiano Modanese
about 1 yearReply

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