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Elijah Kane is prepping his team for court to convict Nicoli Putin of murder when they’re ambushed by Nicoli’s men, highly trained ex-Soviet soldiers, out to stop Kane’s team from testifying. With Mason off duty,... Read More


Steven Seagal, Alex Mallari Jr., J. Anthony Pena, William 'Big Sleeps' Stewart, Meghan Ory, Warren Christie, Sarah Lind.

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Ulisse Vitali
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Francisco Javier López Martínez
Fabio Poli
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True Justice

“.. ”

Flavia Pugliese Monti
almost 2 yearsReply
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Pierre Lannes
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True Justice

“Je vous signale que Steven Seagal a déjà commencé à dérouiller tout le monde #TrueJustice #serie #TV #NRJ12”

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True Justice

Rated it 3 out of 5 stars ★★★☆☆

“To be continued... Really?! I hate TBC on now defunct shows, drives me up the wall. :-|”

about 2 yearsReply
True Justice

“Last in the series. Can't say it was a particularly brilliant show, but I appreciate the hell outta Seagal & it was nice to watch Warren Christie be lovely while waiting for S2 of Alphas. #TrueJustice”

Emanuele Clivati
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